Why We Chose to “Go Tiny”

(Originally posted September 9, 2018)

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WHY did we choose to GO TINY?

To live simply, love fully, and enjoy life!

To Live Simply:

We used to live in a beautiful, 1500 sq.ft. home, including three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, a nice backyard, etc.  But it also came with a big, fat mortgage.  In addition to large monthly payments, the house had too much stuff that we thought we had to fill it with, and it took a lot of time to clean and maintain. 

It basically boiled down to this: too many expenses, too much stuff, and too much maintenance.

We were tired of living paycheck to paycheck, being under a mountain of debt, not being able to afford fun outings and activities with our two precious boys, and not being able to give more of our finances to people and things we care about like missions and community ministries.  The piles of laundry were endless, and cleaning the home felt overwhelming at times.

So, we decided to make a change… or a few!

We sold our home, sold most of our belongings, and downsized to a 400 sq. ft. fifth wheel!  A tiny home on wheels.  Our two-year-old calls it, the “bus house.”

We now have more time and financial freedom to focus on what is truly important— FAMILY and blessing others.  Not stuff.  Not possessions.

As an added bonus, we volunteer at a beautiful Texas campground by the lake, so we get our parking site, water, electricity, and sewer hookups all for FREE!  And the views are gorgeous!

We are outside with the boys a lot more, and it takes a lot less time to clean our little “bus house.”  We also have more money available to go on fun adventures as a family, to bless others, and to use our finances purposefully and meaningfully.

To Love Fully:

Having more financial freedom may eventually allow us to be able to home-school our boys.  We want to spend as much time with them as possible; they’ll be grown and gone before we know it!

Our hearts’ desire is to raise them at home and to take them on the road for short family trips, helping them explore and appreciate the beauty of our world.  Taking them on mission trips.  Letting them meet new people from all walks of life.  Expanding their little “bubble” and helping them form a larger worldview, etc.

We’re using Dave Ramsey’s “snowball plan” to get out of debt.  Check out our Amazon affiliate links for Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” and “Total Money Makeover”:

Our family has also felt called to mission work.  Amy grew up in Argentina as a missionary kid, and our family would love to do mission work, wherever God leads.  After talking with our church and other mission organizations, we learned that our mountain of debt was posing a huge barrier.   So we took a step of faith by downsizing and are trying to pay off as much debt as we can.  God will take care of the rest.

We want to love our family fully, and we want to love God and our neighbors fully.

Living simply and prioritizing our time, energies, and finances helps us to be more intentional.  More purposeful.  More loving.

To Enjoy Life:

Living in a tiny home forces you to go outside more— after all, living in cramped quarters can get a little claustrophobic if you don’t go outdoors from time to time.  We play outside with the boys all the time now, and we have gone fishing more in the past few months than we have our entire marriage of almost thirteen years.

Living by the lake has its perks!  Our family loves nature, and we have greatly enjoyed watching our new neighbors— deer, raccoons, armadillo, foxes, fish, etc.  Snakes and spiders… not so much.

Society has taught us to work hard and play later.  Survive until the weekend.  Work to live.  But that’s not how life is meant to be lived.  We want to enjoy life NOW– appreciating every day to the fullest— and give our kids memories they’ll cherish forever.

And even though the dream of travelling the country (a little bit at a time) seems like a lot of fun, our ultimate desire and main purpose for doing all of this is to pursue ministry and mission work, wherever that may be and however that may look like, whether it’s here in our own community, travelling in our RV across the country, or serving on mission trips.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to us.  We want to live in the moment, be present, and enjoy every opportunity God gives us.  Loving each other and being there for each other.  Soaking in nature.  Helping others in their time of need.  Making every moment count.

But wait…

Can you live simply, love fully, and enjoy life while living in a regular (non-tiny) house?  YES.  Absolutely.

You are where you are for a purpose and a season.  Our family’s season right now involves living in a fifth-wheel.  We don’t know for how long that will be.  But in the meantime, we are going to try and cherish every minute of it, growing closer together as a family, and trying to follow God’s purpose for our lives.

Tiny living and RV living isn’t for everyone.  It certainly was a BIG leap of faith for us.  For a while we kept asking ourselves “WHY are we doing this?!”  And then we started asking, “Why not?”  We had nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

“‘Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.’”  (Mathew 17:20)

LIFE IS A JOURNEY… thank you for journeying with us as you follow our blog.

— Danny, Amy, Caleb, & Aden

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