Meet Harley Hedgehog!

“Harley Hedgehog Learns He’s Special,” my first children’s book (first of its series), was in the production stages with a Christian publishing company in 2016, but the company went out of business and halted production on all of their books– including Harley’s.

Harley and I are therefore LOOKING FOR A NEW PUBLISHER!  Do you know someone who is looking to publish a sweet and fun picture book for kids (a series, actually)– books that teach children about God and family values?  Please send me a message on my Contact Page if you do! 

Who is Harley, you ask?  Harley Hedgehog is a lovable fictional character who learns about God and Biblical truths through his life experiences, his friends in the forest, and his Mama and Papa.  The Harley Hedgehog stories (in rhyming verse) are not only fun for kids and parents to read, they also help children and families grow together spiritually, as their closing reflection questions and suggested scripture readings help encourage families to have devotional time together.

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