Connected Families’ “Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart”

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Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”  Ephesians 6:4 (NIV)

Parenting is hard work.  It’s tough.  It doesn’t come with a “how-to” manual or a “Parenting for Dummies” handbook.  We parents just learn as we go, often through trial and error, especially when each unique child may respond differently to discipline styles, expectations, rewards, etc.  What works for child #1 may not work for child #2 and vice versa.  Also, what currently works for one child will probably not work a year from now… or tomorrow for that matter!  That ambiguity and constant state of flux brings a wide array of emotions and struggles to the parenting journey, particularly when it comes to discipline.

What’s with the bucket?


I love watching my two boys play together.  I especially love it when they voluntarily give each other hugs and kisses and when they genuinely tell each other, “Sorry, Bubba,” without any prompting or coaxing from me.  I love it when they listen and obey, when they share and take turns, and when there’s peace and quiet in the house— even if just for a moment.  My heart swells with motherly joy during these moments.

And then there are moments when I just want to escape… and hide under a bucket.  Moments where I just want to stop “adulting,” put on my comfy pj’s, and hide out from the rest of the world (or from my kids), much like my then two-year-old son, Caleb, is pictured above.

And let’s face it, I’m sure there are times when Caleb wants to hide from me too— hide from the exasperated barrage of: “Stop whining.”  “No sir!”  “Please sit still!”  “You know better than that, Caleb Aaron.” (And I mean business when I use his middle name)!  “I’m tired of asking you over and over again to [fill in the blank].”  “I’m counting to three… one… two… three!”

Some days I just want to press the “Pause” button, or better yet, maybe the “Rewind” button so I can do and say some things differently.  I wish I could erase the days that I felt like I was nagging at my son instead of connecting with his heart.  Instead of repeatedly telling him “what to do” or “what not to do,” I could have been lovingly and tenderly expressing “why” he needs to make different choices and why God values the feelings and motivations behind those choices.  I could have turned those frustrating moments into genuine discipleship moments, and in turn help my child feel more loved, safe, and empowered.

I want to put “DISCIPLESHIP” back into “DISCIPLine.”

So HOW do we parents do that?  How do we connect with our children’s hearts?  How do we empower and uplift our children instead of enabling and belittling them?

If you’re pondering the same questions I did, then I am SO thrilled to share with you a valuable, life-changing parenting course from Connected Families, “Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart.”  

I had the recent privilege of previewing and taking this course, and it has already proven to be such a blessing to me and my kids!  It has refreshed me and given me new encouragement and motivation to be a more loving, gentle, and Godly parent.  It has reminded me to disciple my children more than just discipline them.

In an engaging and easy-to-follow format, renowned parental coaches Jim and Lynne Jackson have provided us a transformational four-step framework to connect with our child’s heart.

Framework 2

The Jacksons have been coaching and equipping thousands of parents since 1993 through live workshops and online trainings and courses.  You can read their BIO here.

Bio pic

Jim and Lynne say in one of their video modules, “We see discipline and the need for it as so much more than an opportunity to fix behavior.  We see discipline as an opportunity to make disciples, to teach our kids, and to train them up in the way they should go.”

This parental frame-work was a total game-changer for me!  I truly want my boys to be internally motivated to change their behavior and not just because “I said so” or because they fear punishment.  This framework truly equips me as a parent to speak love, grace, and Biblical truths into their lives and not just “behavioral do’s and don’ts.”

 Here are some comments from former course participants:

This course opened my eyes. I am newly equipped to love on my kids and bring the gospel into daily interactions. I highly recommend it!
– Ophelia, mom of two

I love the ability to access this course forever. These are the ideas I want to use for the long-haul. This is how I always want to parent.
– Helen, mom of three

So fun and engaging! The information flowed directly with the lesson plans, and it was easy to navigate the course. I had time to reflect and revisit the information.
– Henry, dad of two

Don’t miss out on this amazing resource! 

To check out “Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart” and other awesome parenting courses from Connected Families, you can visit their website for more information.  Online courses and on-site trainings are offered at different times throughout the year.

You can also buy the book!  Click on the image below:

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