That Book for Wives

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Are you a wife?  Then That Book for Wives is that book for YOU! 

No, that is not a cheesy headline, it’s my honest to goodness recommendation.

Author Sally Poyzer is a pastor and teacher, and she has spent many years ministering to women and helping them with their marriages.  Sally herself has been married for over eight-teen years, and she has two children.

In That Book for Wives, Sally does an excellent job encouraging wives to focus on our own walk with the Lord and to learn that the only person we can truly change and control is ourselves.

And let’s face it, we wives have plenty of flaws that need working on before we even try to look at our spouse’s “imperfections”.  If we base our personal happiness and marital success on whether or not our spouse meets our needs, we will more often than not find disappointment and unmet expectations.

But if we turn to God and look for ways to place our spouse’s needs above our own, including seeing and appreciating our spouse the way God does, it will help us find fulfillment in our marriage and in our personal life.

It’s all about putting God and our spouse first.  Sally and her marriage are a living testament of this Biblical principle, and she shares her own personal story in the book.

Marriage isn’t easy, and it takes a daily, dedicated effort on each spouse’s part, but God will help us along the way as we honor Him with our commitment to our marriage and to our spouse.

The book, however, is super easy to read—once you start it you don’t want to put it down!

In four straight-forward and engaging sections, Sally shows wives how we can accept, respect, and connect (emotionally and physically) with our husbands. 

She shares practical and relatable scenarios (including conflicts) that many couples face at different stages in their marriage, and she shows how we as wives can ask God to help us change our perspective and expectations and to help us love, respect, and honor our husbands.  She honestly and humbly shares her feelings and her own life experiences—you can almost picture her sitting down next to you with a cup of coffee, one wife candidly talking with another.

I really like how she breaks down every chapter into succinct, bulleted summaries at the end.  Perhaps you missed something in the text?  She’ll remind you of the highlights!

And I absolutely love the scripture applications she uses throughout the book and in the beginning of each chapter.  Praying scripture over your marriage is so powerful, and it was incredibly helpful to have these scriptures handy so that I could mark them in my own Bible.

In addition to scripture, Sally provides word-for-word examples of how you can pray for your own spiritual growth, pray for your husband, and pray for your marriage.  She also lists excellent marriage resources and additional reading materials.

I’ll be honest in sharing with you that the overall concept of That Book for Wives was not altogether new to me, as I have read other marriage books on similar topics, but even though I was familiar with Sally’s message, her interpretation and delivery of the topic was very fresh, insightful, and uplifting.  I was able to take away new and practical recommendations and apply them to my own marriage.

So if you are a newlywed and you haven’t read a lot of marriage books yet, this book is definitely for you!  And if you are someone who has been married for a while and have read lots of marriage books, then this book is also definitely for you!

Are you perhaps struggling right now in your marriage?  Then That Book for Wives can most certainly be an excellent tool to help you in your journey as you try to restore and strengthen your marriage.

Here are some memorable quotes (of many!) from the book that I jotted down:

“The more you seek God’s help to meet your husband’s needs, the better your marriage will become.”

“Your husband is different, not wrong!”

“You can’t change your husband, but with God’s help, you can change yourself.”

“Appreciating him for what he does rather than focusing on what he doesn’t do fills my heart with love and respect for him, rather than frustration and annoyance.”

“An amazing marriage doesn’t just happen.  It is something you have to choose on a daily basis.”

Want more great nuggets of wisdom like these?  You’ll have to read the book to find them!

Be sure to check out That Book for Wives on Amazon (also available as an e-book) or as an iBook on iTunes.  You can also follow Sally on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you, Sally, for sharing your heart, experience, and wisdom and for allowing God to use you to bless wives (and marriages) everywhere.

From one imperfect wife to another,