Secrets of the Cross

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Do you want a personal, up-close encounter with Jesus?  Do you want to experience a more meaningful and in-depth reflection of His sacrifice on the cross?

I know of a way that you can…

My friend, Sharon, from Deeply Rooted Life, wrote a beautiful, enlightening five-day devotional book called Secrets of the Cross: Following the Steps of Jesus’ Last Days to Uncover Mysteries of the Cross.


Amazon Book Summary

The story of the cross is the greatest story of all time, but most Christians only know half the story. This five-day devotional study will reveal the mysteries of The Passion as foreshadowed in the Old Testament, and discover the important secrets of what it means for today’s Christian. If you desire to know God on a deeper level, to grow deeper into Him, …if you want to uncover another important facet to the greatest story of all time, this book could change your faith forever!

.   .   .   .   .

I had the special privilege of reading this “forever faith-changing” book.  It takes you behind the scenes and into the deep symbolism of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, His death, His burial, and His resurrection.  It will touch you.  It will move you.  It will make you experience the remembrance, reflection, and celebration of Easter in a whole new, enlightened perspective.

I know it did for me.

It will draw you closer to Jesus, and it will help you keep your focus on Him in a very deep, meaningful way.

The Title says, “to Uncover Mysteries of the Cross,” but it will also uncover your heart, mind, and soul, laying them bear so that God can fill them with the love and truth of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Here are some Amazon reviews of the book:


“As a Christian who has never observed Passover, I learned about the symbolism present in Easter that I have previously missed. This study was excellent preparation for me as I focus on the sacrifice of our Savior this season.


“Reading this devotional has COMPLETELY changed my perspective of messianic prophecy and biblical foreshadowing! Amazing what we miss out on when we don’t study the Passover in detail! God does nothing by accident! Would definitely recommend!”


“I absolutely LOVED this book! Very touching, enlightening, and full of depth! It’s the perfect book to reflect on Passover and Easter Sunday.”


“So informative and encouraging! I love it when I come away having learned something that deepens my understanding of Jesus.”

I encourage you to get your copy today.  It’s only $6.99 hard cover and $2.99 Kindle, and it’s a very quick and easy read.  It’s designed to be read in five days, but you can also read it all at once if you can’t wait to see what special mysteries the next chapter unfolds.

May it bless you as it did me, and may it draw you closer to Jesus, as we remember His sacrifice and celebrate His resurrection.