Agape Love Box FREE Giveaway and HALF-OFF Coupon!

Welcome to Faith & Family First’s very first GIVEAWAY for 2018!

*Note: as of 03/03/18 midnight CST, the free giveaway ended.  Congrats to our lucky winner!!  BUT you can still get your HALF-OFF coupon by becoming a subscriber! Only Faith & Family First subscribers will have access to this exclusive coupon.*

What is Agape Love Box?

Agape Love Box is a Christian subscription service for married couples.  They mail you romantic, purposefully-designed care packages, a “love box,” each month to help strengthen your marriage and help keep your marriage Christ-centered.  One box can be used for multiple dates throughout the month, and they are each designed to help ignite the passion, closeness, and spiritual foundation in your marriage.  Plus, shipping is always free, and the monthly subscription price is cheaper than what you would normally spend on one dinner date.

Learn more about Agape Love Box through our YouTube video!  (Plus, see what’s inside the love box we gave away!)

agape love box video pic

Remember, even if you didn’t enter the giveaway, all Faith & Family First subscribers get an exclusive, HALF-OFF coupon for their first Agape Love Box purchase!  The coupon expires 3/31/18.

Be sure to subscribe so you get the coupon!

— Amy




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