“Back to Nature” FREE Family Workshop, July 12-14

Let’s get back to nature!

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Many of you might know that my family and I moved into a fifth-wheel— an RV— about two months ago.  We sold our suburban house and now live on a public campsite near a lake.  We moved to save money, simplify our lives, and to better connect with nature and each other.

That’s why I am SO EXCITED to share with you this FREE “Back to Nature” parenting workshop by Extremely Good Parenting!

It’s a FREE three day ONLINE workshop to help you:

  • Sneak in nature to your busy life.
  • Find nature-connecting activities to do at home.
  • Get kids to explore outside.
  • Introduce families to new outdoor adventures.
  • Connect with nature and detox from screens.
  • Foster a love of nature in kids.

No matter the weather— even in a HOT Summer!— you can help your kids connect with nature with the creative strategies that Extremely Good Parenting has to offer!  Rain or shine, snow or heat, there’s a way!

How will it actually help get your kids outside?

  • You will get printables of themed activities for all ages to get them excited about nature!
  • Free access to informational videos to take your knowledge of hiking and camping to the next level!
  • community to encourage you and your kids to do and explore more (and a place to ask questions).
  • Resources to help make the most of time outside no matter if it’s 5 minutes or 5 days.

Click HERE to sign up today!  The online workshop starts July 12, 2018!

Promotional Video from Facebook:

God bless!

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth… And God saw that it was good.”  Genesis: 1:1,12



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