Two Year RVersary

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April 23, 2020 marked TWO YEARS that we have lived in our 400 sq. ft. Sandpiper fifth wheel.  Two years.  We told ourselves at the very beginning that we’d give “tiny living” a minimum of two years.  Now that we’ve reached that mark, we’re ok stretching it out a little further.  How much further? Only God knows.

In our second year, we’ve learned that we (still) really do miss a sturdy shelter (especially during peak storm season); a dishwasher; onsite laundry machines; bigger lounging, walking, and kitchen space; and a yard to call “our own” so we can garden and landscape as we please.  But even though we’ve missed all those things, we know that we can live without them.

We are also (still) very thankful for the physical closeness, the beautiful outdoors, financial savings, and the simplicity that “tiny living” offers.  God has certainly been faithful to us these past two years and has always met our needs. 

Instead of doing a video like we did last year, here are some photo highlights from our second year of “tiny living”…

The BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT of the year was that we adopted a four-year-old Beagle, named “Snoopy”.  Even though he makes our tiny space feel much tinier, he fills our home with SO much love!

We experienced our first “bug out” to the campground bathrooms during a middle-of-the-night tornado warning.

We made some upgrades to our home, like adding a shade cloth (to beat the hot Texas sun!); buying a Ninja Foodi Grill (we LOVE it!!); adding some comfy lounge chairs; and re-organizing our storage and living spaces.

We survived a bee invasion INSIDE the fifth wheel (over a course of THREE days!) and knocked down a couple of wasp nests.

The campground flooded.  AGAIN.

We’ve enjoyed the beautiful Texas sunsets and wildflowers…

The boys took baths in the swimming pool on a couple of occasions over the Summer.

Danny took Caleb hunting twice, and we all went fishing several times…

We’ve enjoyed the wildlife…

We celebrated holidays…

We had our VERY FIRST SNOW (while living in the fifth wheel).  It only lasted a few hours. We’re in Central Texas, remember?

We’ve been surviving the COVID-19 pandemic and combating “cabin fever” with lots of outside playtime, schoolwork, and Zoom meetings. Mommy often turns the car into her own personal office so she can make client phone calls while the boys are inside the fifth wheel.

We went on lots of fun trips (prior to the pandemic): Dinosaur World, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Meridian State Park, and Missouri.

So, what’s it like to “live tiny”? To be honest, our living quarters DO feel pretty “cramped” sometimes, especially with two loud, rambunctious boys. But, all in all, we love our “tiny home” and the experiences we’ve shared together as a family over these past two years.  The blessings outweigh the inconveniences. We’ve also REALLY enjoyed living “out in the country”, which often inspires us to “be still” as we’re surrounded by God’s beautiful, peaceful creation.  Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10.

Here’s to more of “being still,” spending time together, and making the most of every day that God gives us.

Thank you for following our journey.  For more pictures and “real-time” stories, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Amy, Danny, Caleb, Aden, & Snoopy


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