Here Am I (with Video Update)

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“Here Am I”

(Originally posted on March 26, 2017)

Muskrats in Glorieta

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?’  And I said, ‘Here am I.  Send me!’”  – Isaiah 6:8.

My parents said “Here am I” when they agreed to follow God to Argentina as missionaries over forty years ago.  They left their home, everyone and everything they knew, to go live in a “foreign” land with a “foreign” language and “foreign” culture (after all, the International Mission Board used to be called the Foreign Mission Board back then).

Argentina became my parents’ new home of 28 years, a home where they started and raised their family and where they faithfully served God with the gifts He had given them, including new gifts they had never dreamed of.  Little did they know the impact their evangelical witness would reach as they made eternal friendships all over South America.  Countless lives— including theirs— have been changed, all because they said, “Here am I.”  “Send Me.”  “Use Me.”

God calls everyone.

God calls us many times, in many different ways, shapes, and sizes.  His call for you might be a life-altering event like becoming an overseas missionary, changing a lifestyle habit, making a huge career move, or it can be as simple as helping a stranger, being a better spouse or parent, or praying for a friend.

It’s that little nudge in your heart, the butterflies in your stomach that tell you “I [God] want you to do this.”  It’s that feeling that helps you distinguish between right and wrong, your way or God’s way.

You’ve felt it before.  We all have.  It may come on suddenly without any warning, or it may slowly and gradually build up within you.

Sometimes we accept the call.  Sometimes we ignore it.  Sometimes we’re too distracted by our own desires to even hear His call.  There are times we misinterpret it and shape it towards our own goals, and there are times we over-analyze it and try to justify all the reasons and excuses as to why it’s “not really from God.”

And then there are times when we outright say, “No, God, not now.”  “No, God, not me.”

What has been your response?

I admit that I have ignored God’s call plenty of times.  I’ve been too afraid to step out in faith and do His will.  I’ve put my own insecurities and my own fears ahead of His truths and promises.  “I’m too scared, God.”  “I’m not capable, God.”  “What if I fail?”  “What will other people think of me?”

God equips those whom He calls.

My twin brother, a music minister, struggles with stuttering.  He stuttered a lot as a child, a teenager, and even a college student, and it caused him a great deal of anxiety for many years.  But he felt called to church music ministry, and God helped him learn to cope with his stuttering.

It didn’t happen overnight.  He wasn’t miraculously cured.  He faced his fears head on as he stepped out in faith and sought professional help, all while relying on God for strength and courage.   It took patience, obedience, and trust on his part, and over time he stuttered less and less.

He now speaks in front of large groups of people, sharing his story with others and encouraging them to rely on God as he did.  My brother said, “Yes, Lord, use me; turn my fear into faith so that You may be glorified!” and God blessed him and equipped him accordingly.

I said earlier that I have said “No” to God many times, but I have said “Yes” many times too.  “Yes, Lord, I’ll teach the children’s discipleship class, even though I feel like I don’t have the time and energy.”  “Yes, Lord, I’ll keep donating to this ministry, even though I don’t think I can afford it.”  “Yes, Lord, I’ll write a children’s book series and start a Christian blog, even though I’m scared of failing.”

God has equipped me in many different areas, and one of those areas is a love for writing, to share His message of hope with the world.  So, “Here am I, blog-sphere!” ready and willing for God to use me, for Him to speak to YOU through my posts.  Here am I… vulnerable… nervous… but willing.

What has God called you to do?

Have you said “Yes?”  If not, what’s holding you back?  When we say “No,” not only do we close the door on God, we close the door on ourselves and limit the blessings and opportunities for growth He has planned for us.  God places those unique callings in our lives for a special purpose.  He’s asking us to journey with Him and to put our faith in Him, even after we’ve said “No” in the past.

Yes, we’ll still face hardships and wrong turns on that journey, and we may even encounter unexpected closed doors that lead to other open doors.  God just asks us to have a humble and willing heart, no matter where the journey leads us.  He will help us along the way, molding and perfecting us, and He’ll partner us with other fellow journeyers as we honor Him with our obedience.

Will you journey with me?

I encourage you— and me— to continually listen for His calling.  I pray that He gives us peace and discernment, and I pray that He gives us the courage and humility to say, “Yes, Lord, send me.”

As we journey together,


*** May 20, 2017 VIDEO UPDATE of “Here Am I” (my very first VLOG), where I sing a verse of John Purifoy‘s beautiful song, “Here Am I, Send Me“.  Please excuse my error in the video where I incorrectly name the author/composer.  Click on one of the links below:

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  1. Amy, I am so proud of you for doing this blog and Uncle Don and I both listened to your song on YouTube. We loved hearing you sing again.

    I think he would like to receive your blog if you would send it to him at

    We love you. You are so very special to us. Aunt Margie

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